Take the greener route

Like the idea of an environmentally friendly drive? Come on then, we'll show you the way.

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Partner initiatives

Covered car - Unveiled soon

Regularly throughout the year, Europcar's partners will be unveiling details of their latest sustainable development initiatives.

Watch this space

Green driving tips

Did you know slowing down gradually at traffic lights is better for the environment?

If you'd like to do your bit, take a look at our tips on enjoying a more eco-conscious drive.

More green tips

Go for Green with Europcar!

Europcar has partnered with WeForest so that together we can plant trees in the desert and give nature a helping hand.
Each time you rent a car, all you have to do is donate a green fee of just 60 euro cents. Then Europcar matches your donation, so that together we plant two trees in the Burkina Faso desert.


Awards and certificates

  • 2012

    2012 World's leading car hire company

  • 2010

    2010 World's leading car hire company

  • ISO 14001

    ISO 14001 accreditation

  • 2010

    2010 World's leading green transport solution company

  • 2008

    2008 World's leading green transport solution company

  • 2007

    2007 Security and Sustainable management award

  • 2007

    2007 Security and sustainable Development

  • 2006

    2006 & 2007 Oxygen Award for Greenest vehicle Fleet